For a Democracy of Heart*

My head’s spinning. Too much bad news. I was in a Horrific Vision fighting for my avatar’s life with my World of Warcraft buddy when my husband called up the stairs, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg died.” I was gobsmacked, overwhelmed with saddness. The Notorious RBG gone on September 18th. John Lewis gone on July 18th. Two of my heroes gone on the same day two months apart. And today the coronavirus death toll surpassed 200,000.

But Friday night I fought on until my buddy and I successfully defeated the Vision’s demons and returned to the Chamber of Heart; then I went downstairs to be with my husband. That’s what we have to do: keep on fighting with our loved ones and allies against the demonic forces in the Trump administration until we return to a democracy of heart. We must fight for a return to love rather than hate, for unity rather than division, for care and service rather than power and money, for science and facts rather than willful denial and ignorance, and for rule of law rather than rule of power achieved through lies, conspiracies, and propaganda.

“The greatest menace to freedom is an inert people; that public discussion is a political duty; and that this should be a fundamental principle of the American government.”Ruth Bader Ginsburg in her book My Own Words (2012).

Vote! Vote for democracy. Talk with your neighbors about why and how you’re voting. Fight on against a corrupt, incompetent administration and its enablers who are in power for themselves, not for us. Fight for democracy as if your life and freedom depended on it – because they do.

*What I’m Thinking about Today (WITAT)